Finally - a Red London Routemaster Bus to photograph by Simon Cardwell

I've always wanted to photograph a red London Routemaster Bus. 

I lived & worked in London for 12 years & never had a wedding job that included one. In my early years in the capital these original buses were still in use & I would regularly clamber up the stairs to the upper deck (not an easy feat for someone 6' 4" tall). 

Ironically the bus number 73 (on this bus) was one of the routes I regularly used for years, which was a nice personal touch. 

So with all that in mind I was surprised to find one at a wedding in Newton Aycliffe (not far from where I now live in my hometown of Darlington). The couple had not mentioned it in advance so it was a great surprise. 

I tried to get as many different photographs with the bus as I could. Some inside, some outside, some with the bridal party & some with just the bride & groom. 

Here they are I hope you like them:  

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