bannatynes hotel

Wedding Photography at Bannatynes Hotel, Darlington by Simon Cardwell

As you may know, I travel extensively to photograph weddings, and although I work mostly in the North East & London, I've been lucky enough to travel the world doing what I love. Yet Bannatynes Hotel being less than ten minutes walking from my front door certainly appeals to me on several levels. It means no travelling, hotels, parking, traffic jams or road closures to worry about.

Several couples I have worked with at this venue told me they liked it for its location (directly in the town centre) & also its compactness - it has everything you would expect a venue to have but being centrally located it is smaller than some out of town venues. Less distance walking around the venue usually means more time to take photographs, so that works for me. It is a venue people like & one I hope to return to in the future. 


It's important to get some posed photographs throughout the day, even if the bride & groom don't necessarily request them, relatives always like to see them. 

Bannatynes hotel Darlington

The spaces in between the posed photographs also tend to provide some additional moments you can surprise the bride & groom with afterwards: 

bride and bridesmaids


Children play a key role in most weddings, my natural style of photography lends itself well to this & I always make sure I have plenty of photographs of children, especially if they are close relatives or immediate family. 

Bannatynes hotel Darlington weddings
Darlington wedding photography
Bannatyne hotel Darlington
Bannatynes Hotel, Darlington, wedding photos
Bannatynes hotel Darlington
Darlington wedding photography
Bannatynes hotel Darlington


Many couples who book me do not like having their photograph taken & do not want to pose for endless posed photographs. What I do in that situation is I take a few simple & classic posed pictures, this only takes a couple of minutes & ensures there are some photographs on the day where both the bride & groom are looking directly at the camera for me. 

bride and groom bannatynes hotel
bannatynes hotel darlington

Other than that & the group photographs, everything else is unrehearsed & completely natural, leaving you free to enjoy the day & not feel stressed with dozens of photos being requested. 


If you're thinking of getting married at Bannatynes Hotel, or have already booked your wedding venue, please contact me today with any questions or if you would like to discuss me photographing your wedding.