Wedding Photography on Saltburn Pier & sea front by Simon Cardwell

As I've mentioned before, sometimes I don't have long to get the photos I need on the day. It is often a case of a small window of time to get as many shots as you can. 

On this occasion we found ourselves on Saltburn Pier on a cold November day. 

I work at the Spa Hotel in Saltburn a couple of times a year but up until now I have not had a couple that have requested to go to the sea front & pier for photographs. 

So I was pleased on this occasion when the bride & groom asked me to go down there for photographs. 

Here are my favourites from on the day: 

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Wedding Photography in a rural church & farm by Simon Cardwell

Today I would like to show you some photographs from the first wedding I photographed in 2018.

Taking place on a rurally located church meant the mud & damp ground was a factor but also presented some interesting photographs. 

Here is a selection of the ceremony (before & immediately after) only. I think there are some very unique pictures here that I don't often get the chance to take: 

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Bride & Groom photo session at Aykley Heads Registry Office, Durham by Simon Cardwell

Sometimes I only get a very small window in which to take as many photographs as possible. 

It can be for a variety of reasons, venue restrictions, timings on the day, inclement weather. 

On this occasion we had about 5 minutes spare outside the Aykley Heads registry office in Durham. So that was my time window to get photos of the bride & groom. 

This is what I managed in that time, I hope you like them. 

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