Wedding Photography on Saltburn Pier & sea front by Simon Cardwell

As I've mentioned before, sometimes I don't have long to get the photos I need on the day. It is often a case of a small window of time to get as many shots as you can. 

On this occasion we found ourselves on Saltburn Pier on a cold November day. 

I work at the Spa Hotel in Saltburn a couple of times a year but up until now I have not had a couple that have requested to go to the sea front & pier for photographs. 

So I was pleased on this occasion when the bride & groom asked me to go down there for photographs. 

Here are my favourites from on the day: 

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Wedding Photography in a rural church & farm by Simon Cardwell

Today I would like to show you some photographs from the first wedding I photographed in 2018.

Taking place on a rurally located church meant the mud & damp ground was a factor but also presented some interesting photographs. 

Here is a selection of the ceremony (before & immediately after) only. I think there are some very unique pictures here that I don't often get the chance to take: 

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Bride & Groom photo session at Aykley Heads Registry Office, Durham by Simon Cardwell

Sometimes I only get a very small window in which to take as many photographs as possible. 

It can be for a variety of reasons, venue restrictions, timings on the day, inclement weather. 

On this occasion we had about 5 minutes spare outside the Aykley Heads registry office in Durham. So that was my time window to get photos of the bride & groom. 

This is what I managed in that time, I hope you like them. 

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Wedding Photography from Middlesbrough Register Office by Simon Cardwell

Today I thought I would show you some photographs from a wedding ceremony in a register office. 

I tend to find myself at out of town venues the most, churches second & registry offices third. Each provides a slightly different type of photograph. 

Here is a nice overview of the wedding ceremony:

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Photo Friday 18 - back after a few weeks away by Simon Cardwell

I've been so busy with weddings over the last month I've not had time to keep this weekly blog series going. 

So back into the routine for the Autumn with this picture from a wedding a few weeks ago:

Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire

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The Speeches - Whitworth Hall, County Durham by Simon Cardwell

Any regular readers of my blog will know the speeches are one of my favourite parts of any wedding. I find some of the most genuine & unguarded moments are found during this time, and this wedding at Whitworth Hall proved no exception. 

Whitworth Hall Wedding Photography
Whitworth Hall Wedding Photography
Whitworth Hall Wedding Photographer
Darlington Wedding Photographer
Simon Cardwell Photography
Whitworth Hall Weddings
Whitworth Hall Wedding Photography
Durham Wedding Photographer

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Photo Friday 14 - The Blackwell Grange in Darlington by Simon Cardwell

This weeks photograph comes from a winter wedding at the Blackwell Grange in Darlington. 

This venue is very close to my house & it is also somewhere I visited regularly as a child, so I love going back here for weddings. 

Blackwell Grange Wedding

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