Bridal Preparations - St. Michael le Belfrey, York / by Simon Cardwell

One thing I like about the bridal preparations is the trust you can build with your subjects. I will have met the bride & groom beforehand but usually the rest of the guests & family members I meet for the first time on the day.

Therefore arriving a few hours early & growing into the day allows you to build up their trust. What I am looking for is for them to forget about me & not notice the camera, this is something I have honed & got better at over the years.

I am trying to get to those unguarded & honest moments, & you can’t do that if the subject doesn’t trust you.

York Wedding Photographer
York Wedding Photography
Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer
Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer

This wedding took in the St. Michael le Belfrey in York, next door to York Minster. But today I am going to focus exclusively on the bridal preparations before the ceremony.

London Wedding Photographer

Parents are a key part of any wedding day & I always look for interaction between them & the couple:

Simon Cardwell Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire

Once I have been there a while I start to blend in & no one even notices I am there:

Aldwark Manor York Wedding Photography
Aldwark Manor York Wedding Photography
Merchant Taylor's Hall York Wedding

I usually leave the room while the dresses go on & then come back in:

Bridesmaids getting ready in York
Aldwark Manor York Wedding Photography
Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire

While I work mostly in a documentary fashion with minimal posing, I always try to take a handful of posed photographs.

A simple posed picture will be well received by relatives & friends, & is quick & easy to do.

This is always a good time to grab a few, when everyone is ready before leaving for the ceremony:

London Wedding Photographer
The Parsonage York

Are you getting married in York? Or somewhere else? Please have a look at my gallery today to view more of my work.