Wedding Photography at Wynyard Hall / by Simon Cardwell

Not a long post from me today, just sharing a few from a wedding at Wynyard Hall with you.

The bride & groom were not keen on the idea of posing for photos & the emphasis was very much on a natural & relaxed style on the day. Which suited me down to the ground as that is how I like to work.

Wynyard Hall is one of the more impressive buildings in the north east of England, and it makes the perfect backdrop for the arrival of the wedding car:

Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_034.jpg

Rather than a posed shot in the wedding car as you may be accustomed to seeing, on this occasion I just let the moment happen & I photographed around it:

Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_052.jpg

It makes for a much more genuine end result:

Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_048.jpg

This area outside the chapel at Wynyard Hall always seems to generate some good pictures:

Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_202.jpg
Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_205.jpg

I did persuade the couple to get a few posed photographs taken at the front of the venue:

Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_213.jpg
Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_230.jpg

This is a group shot of everyone at the wedding, sometimes a tricky thing to get right & I often end up hanging out of a window or balcony. On this occasion I was able to get everyone in shot with the venue behind me:

Merike & Mike, Wynyard Hall, 14_8_16_267.jpg

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