Contemporary Wedding Photography - A Different Group Photograph / by Simon Cardwell

You know how you often see the same group photos at weddings? You've seen them, staged photos with family & friends. I have several ways of trying to lighten up these sorts of photos, but it can get a little tricky sometimes. 

If you have read my blog before, you will know my style of work is largely unrehearsed & natural, however the posed group photos are an expected part of most wedding days. I always encourage the bridge & groom to take as many group photographs as they wish, even if they aren't bothered about them, family members almost always will be. 

At a recent wedding at Preston Park Museum I decided to try something completely different, this backdrop was just begging to be included & I decided to set up a seated group photograph outside:

wedding group photo

It was a small wedding so this was the entire wedding party (they had a larger gathering planned for the evening). 

How do you think it came out? Would you like to try a photo like this at your wedding? 

Preston Park weddings

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