what makes a good wedding speech? / by Simon Cardwell

Have you ever given a speech at a wedding? Or do you have to give one at an upcoming wedding? For some this aspect of the day is very nerve wracking & can cause all kinds of anxiety in the build up to the day. 

Over the years I have seen every kind of speech from the brilliant, to the funny, awkward & slightly embarrassing. 

My advice is don't go too long or too short (10 minutes or so is probably about right) & don't load it up with jokes you found online. If you're making a speech you should know either the bride or groom very well, so you can't fail to be sincere, which is all you need to do. 

It is one of the key times of the wedding day for me as it allows me to get lots of good photographs of guests & family, with no one paying attention to me. So if the speeches are either very short or not very good, I end up with less photographs from that part of the day. 

Luckily at this wedding the speeches were firstly good, and secondly long enough to allow me to get a great range of photos of guests:

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