Selfies, SLR's, Smartphones, iPads, Compacts - what is a wedding photographer to do... / by Simon Cardwell

Everyone has a camera nowadays. With smartphones, iPads, SLRs, point & shoots & everything else in between it's no use pretending otherwise, I will never be the only person photographing on a wedding day. 

Instead of fighting it or making matters difficult, I embrace it completely. Getting on with the guests on the day is a key part of working as a wedding photographer, over the years I have seen some very good photographers struggle to take photos at a wedding (some make the mistake of thinking it is easy) & conversely I've seen a few pretty poor photographers who consistently got work, partly on account of their personality & etiquette on the day. 

It's a huge part of the chemistry you need to get good wedding photographs, my advice is always to book a photographer you like, that you get on with & that you can see fitting in on the day.  

I encourage selfies & any other forms of photography people enjoy:

North Mimms Park photography
North Mimms Park photos

For this photograph I deliberately invited each of the bridesmaids (who already had their cameras & phones at the ready) to join me to make a unique picture:

Beales Hotel wedding photos

In my years of photographing weddings, I can honestly say I have only ever encountered a small handful of genuinely rude guests who got in my way in order to get their own pictures.

This is sometimes done by accident although there are exceptions (one incident involved a best man who turned up with more camera gear than me, & tried to take over the photography aspect of the day, much to the bride's chagrin). My rule is when I am attending a wedding as a guest, I don't carry a camera other than the one on my phone, it is unfair to whoever is working that day. 

This group really did love a selfie: 

Beales Hotel weddings
hitching priory photos
Hatfield House Hertfordshire

I try & steal as many photographs as I can throughout the day & if a camera gets in the way, I just try & make it part of the composition of the picture: 

Micklefield Hall Hertfordshire

It brings an interactive element to photography & allows me to engage positively with wedding guests, and it can make for some unique photographs: 

Lodge Farm House Hertfordshire

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