Wedding Photography at Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland / by Simon Cardwell

Every so often I find myself in Scotland for a wedding, & Dundas Castle outside of Edinburgh is probably the best wedding venue I have been to north of the border.

With stunning views of the Firth of Forth, the Forth Bridge & the surrounding countryside, some beautiful & historic rooms within the hotel itself & the Auld Keep in the tower (which in this case was the location for the ceremony), it is a spectacular setting for a wedding. 

thank you so much for capturing our happy memories of that day, there are so many photos of people laughing and happy which is how I remember it

Typically I pose very few photographs throughout the wedding day. However, I love it when a moment such as this happens naturally, when someone looks into the camera & smiles in a completely genuine & unforced way: 

The Auld Keep provided a wonderful setting for the ceremony: 

Are you planning a wedding at Dundas Castle? If so & you think I may be suitable for photographing your day, please contact me today to discuss further.