Solberge Hall Wedding Photography / by Simon Cardwell

Here are some photographs from a wedding at Solberge Hall, near Northallerton. 

I started at the bride's parents house as I usually do: 

Sarah & Gary, Solberge Hall, May 30th 2014_0002.jpg

The ceremony then took place at a church in Darlington (round the corner from where I grew up as it turned out):

Sarah & Gary, Solberge Hall, May 30th 2014_0098.jpg

Everything after that was at Solberge Hall, which is near Northallerton. This was my first time at the venue, but I was very impressed with it:

I had a few friends attending this wedding so I stayed for the entire evening reception. 

Usually I leave shortly after the first dance, so it was good to get some different photographs as the party got going: