The Group Photo by Simon Cardwell

The group photo of everyone at the wedding - not a photo I always take, but one that crops up pretty often. It's a good document of everyone that attended your wedding, as you can't be sure of getting a photograph of every single person there otherwise. 

For this one it involved leaning out of a 1st floor window. Pretty tame compared to some others I have done. Over the years I have climbed ladders, been raised on a tractor & a forklift truck, walked along ledges & all sorts of others. 

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Le Petit Chateau, Northumberland - The Bridal Preparations by Simon Cardwell

The bridal preparations can sometimes be a nervous or tense part of the wedding day, but it usually provides some worthwhile opportunities for photographs.

At the right wedding, it can be the calmest point of the day & it is often the most time I will get with the bride, bridesmaids or parents in a quiet setting. 

In this case, everyone was at the venue early which allowed me to get lots of photos of the preparations before the ceremony. 

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Photo Friday 12 - an unexpected group photo by Simon Cardwell

I speak to many couples who think the family groups as the most boring & predictable aspect of your wedding photographs, but it doesn't always pan out that way, as this photo from The Quality Hotel, Boldon proves. 

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